Our Factories

When it comes to choosing where we make our products, we consider a number of different factors and focus our efforts on the areas that stand to deliver the biggest impact as we move towards sustainability - materials, design, waste, packaging, price, and the environment work of the factories. We recognise our responsibility to everyone involved in the production of our products, including those we both directly and indirectly employ.

100% Recyclable

We’re constantly thinking of ways to be more environmentally friendly at our warehouse, that's why our new parcel boxes are now FSC certified and are 100% recyclable.

We only work with GMP certified facilities

Our UK Warehouse is

Accredited with Ecovadis Bronze working towards Silver.



Socially Responsible

Here is a list of need-to-know

on our factor facilities,manufacturers and the accreditations they hold:

  • All our vitamins and supplements (excluding our Vegan vitamins) are made in the UK.
  • Our vegan vitamins are made in the EU
  • Our UK warehouse recycles over 70% of general waste diverted from landfill and used for heat & power and other other types of energy (this applies to 58% of our cosmetic products)
  • We only work with GMP(good manufacturing practice)certified facilities combining premium ingredients with innovative actives, ensuring we create unique formulas, and quality products that satisfy our customers needs and are in keeping with the latest beauty trends
  • We've recently started working with a new US manufacture for our vitamins and supplements, meaning this will reduce our carbon footprint by localising production
  • We always look to manufacture locally where possible and have introduced warehouses located close to our busy customer territories to save on shipping times and our carbon footprint
  • We carefully follow regulations when formulating our products for different territories to ensure they are safe and fit for sale in each country
  • All products are put through necessary stability, compatibility and safety testing before being sold to customers
  • The majority of our cosmetic products are made at a 100% carbon neutral facility which we are extremely proud to work with.

All products marked as vegan do not contain any ingredients of animal origin

Food supplement manufacturers all follow HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) management systems

All products manufactured at facilities that are audited to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

All our cosmetic products are made in 100% green manufacturing facility

We are proud to promote British-made and manufacture in the UK

All our vitamins and cosmetic products are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and compliant facilities