Could Your Pillowcase Be Destroying Your Hair?

It’s called bed hair for a reason, that knotty, dry, frizzy looking mess is caused all by your pillow. You know the look, the one that takes ages to detangle and tame? That is the issue with you cotton pillowcase. Whilst we all can’t wait to hit the hay after a long day, it’s so important to protect our hair whilst we get that crucial sleep!

Here are three reasons why your cotton pillowcase is damaging your hair.

1. Dehydrating your hair
Cotton pillowcases basically absorbs all your hairs natural oils and moisture. Those natural oils are essential for growing long strong and healthy hair as the oils provide all the nutrients your hair needs. It helps maintain shine and gloss throughout the day. So if you wake up with dull, brittle hair, this is why!

2. Causing knots
if toss and turn a lot throughout the night, I'm sure you will have woken up with a multitude of knots all over your head. The friction caused from rolling around on your pillow causes hair to bunch up and get twisted. This friction will not only damage your hair in the long run but can also leave it prone to breaking and if the knots are really bad, can lead to minor hair loss!

3. Frizzy and Brittle
Waking up with frizzy, brittle hair is less than ideal. Unless you sleep in the same position and don’t move all night, it will be impossible to maintain a sleek style with a cotton pillowcase. The friction from moving causes hair to rub, leading to not only more breakage but a nightmare look in the morning. Non-silk pillows can also tug at your hair and cause breakage and split ends.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom because all of this can be solved in one (or two) simple steps. All you have to do is swap your cotton pillowcase for ideally a silk one but satin is equally as good. If you don’t want to change up the bedding, a silk hair wrap will also do the trick. This type of fabric locks in your hair's moisture, leaving you waking up with silky smooth hair.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself and be amazed by the results.

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