What Causes Hair Breakage And How To Avoid It?

Hair breakage can happen for many different reasons and sometimes it’s not what you expect. We’ve broken down the top 5 reasons why your hair could be breaking.
First what actually is hair breakage: hair breakage is when the hair fibres are so dry and damaged, they snap. These broken hair strands can often lead to split ends. Essentially without the proper levels of moisture in the hair strand, the hair is vulnerable and weak and actions like brushing when wet will cause the hair strand to break. Having said that, there are steps you can take to prevent as much breakage as possible.

It's a common belief that hair breakage is only from heat damage and over processing your hair with bleach and colouring, but in fact there are some unexpected reasons your hair might be breaking.

1. Diet
There is no doubt that certain foods will make your hair incredibly healthy. This is because the common saying ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t wrong at all. If you are eating a nutrient dense and varied diet, your hair will be provided with all the key vitamins and minerals to grow healthy strong hair. But if your diet is more focused on takeaways, your hair will suffer too. They key vitamins and minerals you should focus on are Zinc, iron, folic acid and Biotin. A diet rich in protein and antioxidants will also benefit your hair.

2. Stress
Stress can be an unexpected factor when it comes to the health of your hair. There’s a load of studies that support links between stress and hair loss, but it has also been found that stress can lead to hair breakage. There is a a condition/ type of stress called Telogen Effluvium. This is occurs from the stress of a sudden or traumatic event. Luckily it is only temporary but can cause weak hair follicles, leading to prolonged damage.

3. Repetitive hairstyles
If you often find yourself tying your hair in the same tight ponytail or maybe the low bun, consider wearing different styles each day. The tight hair band repetitively can cause the hair to weaken leading to breakage.

4. Heat
We all know this one. Heat damage is one of the main causes of hair breakage. To see the gorgeous result from your typical hot tools, (hairdryer or curling iron) you need high heat, it’s how the work. However, when you use these tools too much, or without heat protection, you risk damaging the cuticle and drying out your hair. Leading to frizzy, brittle hair that will eventually break as the strands are so dehydrated.

5. Friction
This unexpected causes of breakage is one of the most common. It includes rubbing your wet hair with a towel, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase and back combing. Friction in the hair is basically causing the hair to rub against itself. It will lead to excess frizz which then will cause the hair to try out.

It does seem like there Is a lot that can cause breakage, but our modern lifestyles demand a lot more form us which all takes its toll. Our top tips for preventing breakage are:
Make sure you get the essential vitamins and minerals. Our vitamins and Chewables are tailored specifically for your hair’s precise needs.
Take time to destress. Whether it’s going for a workout or meditating for ten minutes a day. With consistency and in addition to our other tips you will see your hair blossom.
Instead of doing the same style again and again, either swap to a silk scrunchie or visit our Instagram for the latest hair inspo.
We find it hard to separate from our heat tools too, so invest in a heat protectant spray. Our Volume and growth Elixar is the perfect multitasker as it will not only protect your hair from heat but also Uv rays, whilst giving your locks a glossy shiny finish with loads of volume!
Our last tip, swap your towel for a microfibre towel or even an old t-shirt, and swap that pillow for a silk or satin pillowcase!

You’ll see your hair recover in no time! Check out our products for the ultimate hair car routine for longer stronger hair.

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