Is Cold Rinsing Worth It..

Or can we keep our hot showers?!

Over the years cold rinsing has come in and out of trends as the ultimate health boosting way to shower. Claiming a host of benefits for your entire body, but does it actually make a difference to your hair?
Cold rinsing is essentially finishing your shower routine with cold water. Some people like to have their whole shower in cold water but for most a 15-minute cold shower is a nightmare. Here’s the pros and cons of your water temperature.

Studies have shown that hot water can strip your hair of your natural oils, leading to dehydrated hair strands which can snap and break. Not only does hot water strip the oils but it will overtly activate the production of sebum. When you rinse your hair with hot water, you don’t just wash off the protective sebum, you also get rid of the nourishing oils from that conditioner you patiently massaged through. The damaged and dehydrated strands will also appear brittle and frizzy due to the hot water. Similarly, to our skin, hot water opens the hair follicles which is bad news for coloured hair as it allows for a little bit of the hair colour to be washed out each wash.

Warm water on the other hand, should be used when cleansing the hair at the start of your hair routine. Warm water allows the hair follicles to open up without stripping the natural oils, this means all the dirt and build up can be cleaned but the natural hydration of the hair is protected. However, warm water isn’t the solution as it can still lead to dry ends and excess frizz!

So, what is this miracle cold rinsing and what does it do?
Cold rinsing claims a whole host of health benefits but for your hair it claims it can prevent breakage, prevent dandruff, increase shine and promote growth! Let's look into this. As I mentioned earlier, hot water is very stripping due to the drying of natural oils, well cold water does the opposite. Cold rinsing ensures no moisture is striped from the hair strands. This means the top layer of hair becomes smoother and looks shinier. By not stripping the natural oils this works to prevents breakage, and this is a vital value for healthy and beautiful hair.

Instead of opening up the pores, according to an article published on the website,, cold water closes and strengthens your hair cuticles, which is how the moisture (and your colour) isn’t stripped away. For curly haired girls this is essential as lack of moisture can increase frizz, a curly haired girls' nightmare.

We recommend that if you can bare it, use colder water for your entire hair routine but if not, a cold-water rinse should be used at the end of your hair routine when rinsing out the conditioner in your hair. It will help seal in the conditioner or hair mask, creating super moisturised and healthy hair.

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