Introducing Our Brand New Shampoo and Conditioners


Our original Shampoo and Conditioner are already loved by our customers who have a wide range of hair types, but we felt it was time to expand the range and create products that targeted specific hair types to become more inclusive as a brand, and offer personalisation to our customers and their hair care routines.

We have retained the most important benefits of our original shampoo and conditioner, guaranteeing longer, stronger and healthier looking hair with more volume, as well as building on this to focus on particular hair care concerns we heard from our customers.

With this in mind we created three additional shampoo and conditioner pairings for the three most popular hair concerns. We came up with new and advanced formulas, a new colour range, and three new fragrances to make your hair not only feel luxurious but smell it too.

So, after 18 months of creation, from brief to execution, we are proud to introduce our three new shampoo and conditioners!


They are:

Oily Scalp and Roots

We know that washing your hair often can be a chore, especially when

your hair appears oily quickly in-between washes. We chose to include Zinc and Mediterranean Algae Extract in these formulas, as they absorb excess oil to give your scalp afresh feeling for longer. If your hair tends to sit quite flat to the scalp or is fine, the added Vitamin B5, Polymers and Wheat Proteins will help your hair to appear thicker withvolume in the roots. The antioxidants help to remove hard water build up that can often make this hair type appear lank and lifeless. 


Dry and Damaged

If years of keeping up with the latest hair styles, using heated tools, and

bleaching your hair leaving it feeling dry and brittle sounds like you, then this shampoo and conditioner is just what your hair needs. Key ingredients; Almond and Fig Oils, help to inject that well needed moisture back into your hair, prevent split ends, and providing lasting shine. The Amino Acids and Vitamin B5 support the strengthening of your hair so it can grow longer without breaking so easily. We also included Wheat Proteins to help repair and improve the texture of your hair and prevent further damage, to help your hair, look and feel as healthy as possible.

Curly, Wavy

It’s time to embrace your natural waves or curls without worrying about frizz! Whether you have a hair type that is natural loose waves, or super tight curls, the Black Oat extract and a blend of Cherry, Almond and Castor oils can help replenish and retain the moisture that your hair craves. We also added Wheat Bran Extract which supports with cuticle sealing and Vitamin B5 which decreases frizzy hair even in humidity. This Shampoo and Conditioner works especially well with hair pattern types 2 and 3, for bouncy and beautiful waves or curls that are left refined without being weighed down. Best of all, it’s ‘Curly Girl Method’ approved.


Our aim is to create a personalised hair care experience for everyone, whatever your hair type, and as all of our Shampoo and Conditioners are sold singularly, you now have the option to mix and match, creating a unique routine tailored to your exact needs. For example, if you feel you have oily roots and dry ends, then go for our oily shampoo and dry damaged conditioner. Whatever combination you choose, we can guarantee longer, stronger and healthier looking hair.

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