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If your hair is needing a little extra TLC then a hair mask is the easiest way to add that extra attention your mane needs. Hair masks can either be quick or long and pampering but either way they are highly potent and a super effective way of boosting your hair health in a minimum of 20 minutes. Hair Masks are essentially super concentrated conditioners that offer instant results whilst also working long term to make lasting benefits.  

Our Healthy Hair Mask is deeply nourishing and hydrating with an Avocado and Coconut fragrance. It works to improves shine and softness whilst also protecting from the formation of split ends. Our mask also controls frizz and strengthens and protects hair to encourage longer, stronger hair growth. A full-time multi-tasking mask! 

Our Mask is so versatile you can hair mask any time of day (what we like to call multi-masking!) pop it on and forget about it while you get on with your day or evening. It works best if you apply after shampooing. Frist squeeze water from hair and then apply our nourishing mask generously through the mid lengths and ends (and roots if you feel your hair needs extra oil). Then leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes minimum. Rinse thoroughly and dry hair as normal (we recommend using our elixir and turn upside down for added volume!) to reveal shinier, softer and luscious looking locks!  
We focus on putting only the best ingredient in all our products to ensure results. There are amazing natural ingredients in this formula all benefitting your hair. These include: 
Coconut Fruit Extract to improve shine, smoothness and add hydration. Nourishing oils, such as Argan and Avocado, which are powerful in antioxidants and help to strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage. We also include Black Oat which is incredible moisturising for hair as they have a high content of natural water reservoirs. The polysaccharides and amino acids in black oats improve the structure of the surface of the hair, making it easier to comb, improves gloss and bounce back, prevents split ends and smooths hair by sealing protruding scales by coating the hair in lecithin. Plus, Sunflower Seed Extract to help protect and repair UV damage. On top of that our mask is Vegan and Cruelty-Free. 
So whether you have a spare 20 minutes or a whole evening of pamper our mask is an essential in the routine!  

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